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A drawing game where you discover that you're either bad at drawing or your friends are bad at guessing!

In Sketch Heads, players sketch pictures of a word prompt to get others to guess the prompt correctly.

Sketch Heads has two game modes: Classic and Blitz. Classic mode is a competitive battle against your friends where you take turns choosing a secret word to draw while everyone else competes to guess it as fast as possible! Blitz mode is a chaotic, cooperative race against the clock where you split into two teams, Drawers and Guessers. Drawers share a canvas and rapidly draw words while the Guessers guess as many as possible before the time runs out.

If you just wanna sketch around, try out Free Draw, where you can draw alone or with friends!

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Play in your Discord server

Add the Activities bot and use /activity.

Requires Nitro.
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